Doitplenoptic, selected as one of the most competitive startups in Healthtech by the European Commission's X-Europe program


The University of Valencia's spin-off, located in the Science Park, develops compact digital cameras that can be easily attached to and removed from observation instruments (microscopes, telescopes, endoscopes or ophthalmoscopes) and converts them into 3D digital imaging devices.

Doitplenoptic has been selected as one of the 25 most competitive European startups in the Health Technology, Medical or Biotechnology sector (Healthtech, Medtech, Biotech) by the X-Europe programme of Startup Europe, an initiative of the European Commission to support and connect newly created technology companies.

"This recognition gives us a lot of visibility in the European ecosystem of startups. We have been selected among 177 participants. It will facilitate the contact with potential customers, suppliers, investors, and will also serve as a pole of attraction of talent, as it will allow us to find professionals to continue growing. At an organizational level it will help us to have training sessions in the presentation of the company to investors", emphasizes César Gil, responsible for Business Development at Doitplenoptic.

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Ángel Tolosa, Seokmin Hong and César Gil, members of Doitplenoptic. Source: FPCUV

The X-Europe program connects technology companies segmented into 6 areas of activity: Healtech, Medtech and Biotech; Agritech; Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Smart Cities and Blockchain and cyber security. Through the organization of networking, training and acceleration events, it promotes its growth. It also meets the demands of entrepreneurs to be considered in the development of European Union policies.

Digital 3D Microscopy

Doitplenoptic's first product, the DOIT Micro 3D Plenoptic Eyepiece, is a "universal, versatile, affordable, portable and easy-to-use" device that can be easily attached to and removed from any optical microscope with an eyepiece port, transforming it into a digital 3D microscopy system. With this device, the user is able to obtain in a single shot, and therefore quickly, the relevant 3D information of the sample. "We already have a minimum viable product. Companies interested in testing it can already contact us and install it in their microscopes or in any other observation instrument," explains César Gil.

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Manuel Martínez-Carral, Professor of Optics at the University of Valencia, is co-founder and scientific advisor to the company. Source: FPCUV

This University of Valencia spin-off was founded and promoted in 2018 by three researchers from the 3D Image Laboratory of the Optics Department of the Faculty of Physics together with the private high-tech industrial fund BeAble Capital as the main investor. The technology, of which the researchers are co-inventors, is patented by the University of Valencia and the National University of Colombia. "Having consolidated a team and a minimum viable product, in the third quarter of this year we will open a funding round of more than one million euros," says Gil.

In 2019 Doitplenoptic was one of the four winners of VLC/STARTUP, an innovative entrepreneurship program promoted by the Fundació Parc Científic Universitat de València with the support of the Vicerectorate of Employment and Training Programs.