Way2Ecommerce offers the creation and hosting of a totally free e-commerce portal for SMEs affected by the COVID-19 pandemic


The company will give priority to SMEs that have been forced to close and perform an ERTE, "having both the product and the logistical capacity of its distribution. This solidarity initiative has the collaboration of the companies Miss Conversion, which will make the SEO and SEM adjustments, and Telcia, which offers the hosting.

#wewillcomeoutstronger is the non-profit project that the Way2 Ecommerce team has set up, together with those of the Miss Conversion and Telcia companies, to help the rapid digitalization of small and medium businesses forced to close down by the COVID pandemic19 . Specifically, the initiative encompasses the development of three free services: the development of an active online store for one year, which will design Way2 Ecommerce; content adjustments for SEO and SEM at the launch of the online store by Miss Conversion; and hosting for the online store during the year that it will be active by Telcia.

The project is aimed at SMEs that have carried out an ERTE and have stock to sell. "Among all the requests received, we will give priority to those companies that have seen their turnover significantly reduced and behind which there are 20 or 30 families affected," explains José Vicente Ribera, CEO at Way2Ecommerce, a company installed in the University of Valencia Science Park. "Precisely to be able to select them, we asked them for both the number of employees and the model 390", adds Ribera.

According to Way2Ecommerce's CEO, "we will initially accept between one or two projects per month, in order to dedicate the minimum necessary attention. This is a basic solution that we can assume in terms of costs and time, and for these companies it will mean an important oxygen tank". The e-commerce portal they offer will be developed on Magento 2, a market-leading open access platform with a series of predefined functionalities.

"We are also giving away the hosting and the domain for one year, which is the time we will keep the project active. In case you already have a domain, we will design it with the company's one. And once the year is over, we will give the companies the source code in case they are interested in keeping it", points out José Vicente Ribera.

Specialists in e-commerce portals

Way2 Ecommerce is a company specialized in the creation of high performance ecommerce portals. It offers knowledge, consultancy, experience and solutions for your online sales portal to succeed on the Internet. Their specialization lies in the development and programming of solutions for the Magento e-commerce platform. They have official Magento certifications that accredit them as a reference partner in the sector, capable of carrying out complex and ambitious projects.