Andrés Pedreño and Javier Plaza present today in the Science Park an ebook with an economic and legal vision of Big Data and AI


The two professors, authors of the last ebook edited by the Parc Científic de la Universitat de València, are members of the Expert Committee of the White Book on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data prepared by the Government.

The economist Andrés Pedreño and the jurist Javier Plaza present today, Monday December 3, 2018, the ebook edited by the University of Valencia Science Park with the title Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. An economic and legal vision of these disruptive technologies. It will be at 11:30 am in the Marie Curie Auditorium.

The two professors, members of the Expert Committee of the White Paper on IA and Big Data that the Government is preparing, make in this publication a reflection on aspects to be considered, from an economic and legal point of view, in the use of these two tools key of the call Industry 4.0; content that will advance in the presentation and that will be downloadable after it.

On one hand, Andrés Pedreño, exrector of the University of Alicante, director of the Observatory of Artificial Intelligence and Impeller of Alican-TEC, will argue, together with professor Luis Moreno, the applicability of the AI ​​and the Big Data in the company and will point out which they must be, in their opinion, the "essential active policies".

On the other hand, Javier Plaza, Professor of Civil Law and Delegate of Data Protection (DPO) of the University of Valencia, will explain what is the current regulatory framework of Big Data and AI while pointing out what are the legal aspects that can be regulated.

The book also has the participation of the professor of the University of Alicante and coordinator of UniMOOC, Luis Moreno; and recounts two case studies of companies dedicated to Artificial Intelligence, Santa Barbara Smart Health, installed in the Science Park of the University of Valencia, and Neuss Intelligence, located in the Science Park of Alicante.