ADM Biopolis reports a 50% increase in sales in 2021


The Valencian biotechnology company located in the Parc Científic de la Universitat de València closes 2021 with strong growth by increasing its sales to 6.9 million euros. The company prepares to accelerate its efficiency in the production of probiotics and consolidate its position and leadership in Microbiome Solutions and postbiotics

Since its inception, the search, design and development of microorganisms for industrial and health-related purposes have marked the course of Biopolis. This benchmark company in the field of Valencian biotechnology, located in the innovation business ecosystem at the Science Park of the University of Valencia (PCUV), continues to grow, as shown by the business figures achieved in the 2021 financial year. With a level of sales which has increased by 56%, equivalent to 6.9 million euros, according to the accounts deposited in the Mercantile Registry, the company also reports losses of half a million euros motivated by heavy investments to accelerate its growth.

The production of this company, which since 2017 has in its capital the American group Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM), one of the world's largest producers of seeds, corn and processed ingredients for the food and nutrition industry, focuses in probiotics, enzymes, proteins and other additives for purposes and today it constitutes an R&D banner in the area of ​​microbiome and health within the investment group. Over the past year, the biotech company merged with another ADM division, genomic sequencing subsidiary Lifesequencing, from which it absorbed its business.

The Biopolis team, led by the researcher specializing in the microbiome and CEO of the firm, Daniel Ramón Vidal, has developed in recent years thirty families of patents for food additives for celiacs, the improvement of digestive health or the skin.

“The objective of ADM Biopolis is focused, on the one hand, on the growth of the probiotic products business at a global level, and at the same time, on leading microbiome research at a global level for ADM, providing R&D services to other companies. of the group and maintaining external R&D services only for strategic projects”, says Francisco Climent, Global VP of the Health & Wellness division in Food and Beverages of ADM and, together with Ramón, manager of ADM Biopolis. According to the management report, the increase in product sales has been more than 45% higher than the increase in sales of foreign services.

"The goal is focused on betting on the external sale of probiotic products and maintaining the R&D service internally for the company"

The strategy of generating internal R&D

From the company it is expected that, after implementing the business plan and making the necessary changes, "sales will report exponential benefits." The 2021 management report of ADM Biopolis indicates that, thanks to a strategy that involves generating internal R&D in Biopolis and offsetting its cost, the company has seen its income from these services increase by 90% compared to the previous year. "This strategy has been implemented in Biopolis for two years and is increasingly present in the company's day-to-day activities, so that in 2021 these R&D services for ADM have represented a considerable increase", celebrates Climent .


Meeting of members of the multinational ADM Biopolis. From left to right, Francisco Climent, Managing Director of Health and Welfare; Daniel Ramón, Vice President of R&D in Nutrition and Health; and Marta Tortajada, Vice President of Science and Technology in Nutrition and Health. Photo: FPCUV.

In 2021 the company opened sales in more than ten countries in Europe and increased them considerably in China and the United States

The Valencian biotechnology company continues to invest resources with the aim of increasing efficiency in the production of probiotics and consolidating the company's position and leadership in solutions based on the microbiome and especially in postbiotics. These challenges explain why in 2021 26 people have been hired in the different departments of the company and more than 4 million euros have been invested in new capabilities in process development and R&D.

In the 2021 financial year, the company opened sales in more than ten countries in Europe and increased them considerably in China and the United States. Business prospects can increase exponentially in the five-year plan, states the management report, which also highlights the participation of Biopolis in 21 public projects, of which three have started throughout the year.