Darwin and SiCtech, selected by the European business growth program SCALE UP


The two startups, located in the University of Valencia Science Park, are technology-based companies driven by research staff from the academic institution

Smart Induction Converter Technologies (SiCtech) andDarwin Bioprospecting Excellence have been selected to participate in the 3rd edition of the European business growth program SCALE UP developed in Comunitat Valenciana by theValencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (IVACE) with the collaboration of CEEI Valencia.

The two companies, dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of advanced power converters (SiCtech) and bioprospecting (Darwin), will benefit from the strategic consulting sessions of more than 50 hours offered by this program. The objective of SCALE UP is to design and focus the growth strategy of companies, strengthening their business management capabilities and improving their management skills.


Cristina Villanova and Kristie Tanner, the scientific director and head of R&D projects at Darwin Bioprospecting Excellence. Source: FPCUV

For Smart Induction Converter Technologies, "this program will help us professionalize the management, financing and internationalization of the company," assuresEnrique Dede, one of the founding partners and a leading researcher and teacher in the field of Power and Industrial Electronics. "The promoters of SiCtech are technicians with extensive experience, but we require business knowledge in financial and investment issues, especially in order to make the company grow. We would also like the assigned tutors to guide us in our internationalization strategy, since 100% of our offer is sold to technologically advanced international markets, such as Germany, England, China and India", explains Dede.

For its part, biotech company Darwin Biosprospectin Excellence aims to define its commercial strategy. "We are a company that has grown considerably since we were established in 2017. In fact, what we need now is to establish priorities in the diversity of lines of growth and R&D that we could carry out. We would like the professionals who tutor SCALE UP to help us to have a clear path to follow", says Kristie Tanner, head of R&D Projects.