Ángela Pérez, Alumni Plus Award from the Consell Social of the University of Valencia


The founder and CEO of the Institute of Genomic Medicine, graduated in Biological Sciences from the University of Valencia, has been awarded for her "professional, academic and professional excellence".


Ángela Pérez graduated in Biological Sciences in 1996 from the University of Valencia and immediately began her doctorate in the genomics laboratories of the academic institution. However, her market vision of this branch of medicine marked a different rhythm to her professional life. At the age of 23 he founded his first biotechnology company, Sistemas Genómicos. Today, she is involved in eight business initiatives, focused on genetics and genomics. Among these, the Instituto de Medicina Genómica (IMEGEN), a laboratory installed in the University of Valencia Science Park that has become an international reference in human genetic diagnosis.

"This recognition has a very special meaning. I have always regretted not ending my academic career with the defence of a doctoral thesis. That is why this prize, which is awarded by my own university and which also recognises the professional career of enterprising students, I consider it to be a support for that decision that I made and which I found difficult to take", says Ángela Pérez. "University professionals taught me where to go and I have been able to achieve this with a team formed by the University of Valencia itself", she adds.


Ángela Pérez leads a team of professionals, most of whom graduated at the University of Valencia. Source: FPCUV

Pérez is the CEO and president of the board of directors of this biotechnology company that annually analyzes more than 22,000 samples and invests more than one million euros in R&D projects. Its technological offer includes the design and international distribution of PCR kits for the diagnosis of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.