IMEGEN creates an online platform to personally meet the demands of its hereditary cancer test


The Institute of Genomic Medicine (IMEGEN) has created an online platform to attend in a personalized way the demands of its hereditary cancer test, "the first that allows knowing the genetic predisposition to develop any of the seven types of hereditary cancer", the company emphasize. On the new website it is possible to request an appointment with a specialist, prior to the delivery of the kit, and even incorporates a chatbot specializing in genetics.

In the scientific laboratory of IMEGEN "we analyze the fragment of the genome referred to these diseases for clinical purposes, either diagnostic, or prevention," says Ángela Pérez, CEO of the company. In this sense, once the kit is requested, "the clients have a prior consultation to know the uses of the kit and a post-test analysis, I mean, a medical specialist explains the results to the client".

Chatbot imegen test geneticoThe new platform of IMEGEN incorporates a chatbot to attend in a personalized way the queries about the kit.

Regarding the treatment of genomic data, the head of the Institute of Genomic Medicine stresses that "our clients know that we are located in the University of Valencia Science Park, therefore, we must strictly comply with the new Spanish Law on Data Protection", sustains Pérez, who says that "we do not store that data in any database."

Recognitions for a business career

In recent weeks, the endeavor of this scientist has been awarded both by Forinvest and by the newspaper Economía 3. In this regard, Angela Perez interprets it "as a recognition of good work in a sector in which there is a lot of international competition at the moment. The truth is that I've been working in genetics and genomics for 22 years!".