Specialists from the Science Park tackle how to deal with longevity and precision medicine at the Longevity World Forum


Imegen and Kanteron Systems will explain their technological advances as specialists in Genomics and Bioinformatics

The Longevity World Forum, the first European congress on longevity and precision medicine, will take place in Valencia on the 7th and 8th of November. Among the speakers, recognized specialists in both fields, we find four professionals linked to two companies installed in the University of Valencia Science Park: Instituto de Medicina Genómica (Imegen) y Kanteron Systems.

The founding partner of Imegen and professor of Genetics at the University of Valencia, Manuel Pérez-Alonso, is part of the scientific committee of the congress."One of the most important advances at present is the understanding of our genome and this means that we can get to understand the biological basis of aging, that is, why some people age faster than others or why some people live longer than others. This understanding of the genome, which can still sound like science fiction, will allow us to provide personalized guidelines for the care of our health. "

Pérez Alonso will be in charge of moderating the table 'Challenges and myths in the prediction of genetic age', in which Ángela Nieto, researcher of the Instituto de Neurociencias de Alicante; María Blasco, director of the Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas (CNIO), the professor of Medicine and manager of the group in the Centro de Investigación Biomédica en Red (CIBER) Federico Pallardó and the editor-in-chief of the scientific magazine Genética Médica y Genómica Amparo Tolosa take part.

The conference will also be attended by Angela Perez, CEO of Imegen, who will participate in the round table 'What role do laboratories, pharmacies, clinics and hospitals play in all the development of precision medicine?', where "I will talk about the difficulty we have to enter into the public health system and the private sector innovative services and products based on the new precision medicine. "

In the debate will participate other specialists, as Juan Sabater, president of Eugenomic, a company that creates software for a personalized medical prescription, and Elisa Tarazona, Director of Organization and Care Management in Ribera Salud, S.A, under the moderation of Gonçal Lloveras, specialist in hospital management."In my case, I have been running a laboratory for 20 years that designs, validates and markets this type of products and services and during this time we have seen different market dynamics and we know well the difficulties involved in bringing this type of development to patients", explains the Valencian scientist and technologist.

Data integration

For its part, the company Kanteron Systems will be represented by the CEO, Jorge Cortell, and its director of Bioinformatics, Pablo Marín. Cortell will address the integration of data in the workflow of precision medicine."I will explain how we achieve the integration of data in the workflow of precision medicine, from imaging to the genomics of the patient, through a series of 'silos' of information that reside in different systems. In addition, I will detail how we carry out in various places in the world. We do this through the application of diverse technologies and industry standards, following a strategy based on theories of communication. "

Later Cortell will join a more technical round table, along with Pablo Marín and Manuel Corpas, founder and CEO of Cambridge Precision Medicine, to evaluate the scope of information clouds in personal health.