IMEGEN prepares  diagnostic kits for SARS-CoV2 to make them available to the Ministry of Health


The Valencian Institute of Genetic Medicine, a company specializing in genetics located in the University of Valencia Science Park , is also adapting its clinical microbiology laboratory in Malaga to carry out between 300 and 500 coronavirus tests a day

The CEO of the Institute of Genetic Medicine (IMEGEN), Ángela Pérez, has announced that the Valencian company is preparing "against the clock" SARS-CoV2 virus diagnostic kits so that the Ministry of Health can distribute them. These tests could be made available to the authorities at the end of the month, once all their validation have been completed.

In parallel, IMEGEN is adapting their clinical microbiology laboratory in Malaga to perform between 300 and 500 daily tests for the coronavirus. Ángela Pérez has explained that its company comply with two requirements required: "personnel trained in microclinics and used to this type of samples, as well as high-performance equipment for RNA extraction and PCR, capable of analysing hundreds of samples at a time".

Ángela Pérez has informed that IMEGEN has contacted the Ministry to offer their services because "as expert professionals in the design of diagnostic tests, it is a duty of social responsibility". "Our usual client is the public health sector and we believe that if we can, we must offer our knowledge", she has added.

Specialists in genetics and genomics

The Institute of Genomic Medicine was founded in 2009 in the University of Valencia Science Park by a scientific team with more than 20 years of management experience and today has consolidated its position as a leader in the field of genetics and genomics.

With a team of 60 professionals, most of whom have higher degrees, it analyses biological samples sent to IMEGEN by national and international hospitals to study whether patients have any type of mutation that could be the origin of a genetic disease. The company currently offers 6,000 different types of genetic tests that address all stages of a person's life (prenatal, postnatal and adulthood), making it one of the 10 most extensive catalogues of genetic tests in the world.