The Science Park will grant spaces to the winning companies of its innovative entrepreneurship program


Seven innovative business projects will be selected to be installed in the laboratories, offices and Seedbeds of Companies of the University of Valencia Science Park


There are three requirements to participate in the fifth edition of VLC/STARTUP, the Entrepreneurship Program of the University of Valencia Science Park Foundation (FPCUV) that pursues the development of innovative and/or scientific technological based companies in the environment of the academic institution. The business initiative must be legally constituted, be less than 4 years old and have an innovative and knowledge-based project. In addition, it will be valued that in the promoter team one of the members is linked to the University, either as a student or graduate, or by being part of its staff.

For startups and spin-offs that meet these conditions, this Program offers the possibility of opting for the assignment of three types of spaces in the Science Park - laboratory, office and coworking space -, in addition to receiving business advice for growth and consolidation of the project by the FPCUV.

Specifically, the Business Area of ​​the Science Park has several spaces to accommodate business initiatives from different scientific-technological fields and with different infrastructure and services needs. Based on this, in this edition, a maximum of 7 beneficiaries will be chosen, who will be able to settle in 5 accommodations in the Seedbeds of Companies (coworking spaces on the Tarongers campus and in the Burjassot-Paterna campus), in an office of up to 30 m2 and in a laboratory of up to 30 m2. In addition, they will be given access to the different entrepreneur support programs of the entities and organizations of the University of Valencia that collaborate in VLC/STARTUP: the Policies for Excellence Office and UVjob.

Free hosting

Companies that access the Seedbeds of Companies' workspaces will have 6 months of free accommodation and a subsequent 50% discount will be applied to them after 6 months. This modality includes furniture, internet connection, access to meeting rooms, orientation to business development and training, among other services of the FPCUV.

Likewise, the FPCUV makes available to the program an office of up to 30 m2, free for the first 6 months and with a 50% discount during the following 12 months. Finally, one of the beneficiary companies may have a laboratory space of up to 30m2, free during the first 6 months and with a 50% discount during the subsequent 12 months. In both cases, internet connection, access to meeting rooms, business development orientation and training, among other services of the FPCUV, are also included.

Submission of applications

To participate in the VLC/STARTUP Program, the people responsible for the management of the company must send the required documentation from September 9, 2019 at 00:00 hours and until October 15, 2019 at 23:59 hours. Award-winning initiatives may be installed in the Science Park from November 1, 2019, and no later than December 1, 2019.

With the organization of this initiative, the objective of the University of Valencia Science Park Foundation is to highlight and promote entrepreneurship in society as a new opportunity for professional insertion for profiles with a high qualification; facilitate the launch, consolidation and promotion of innovative and scientific-technological business initiatives that are generated in the university environment; and to favor the interaction and generation of positive synergies between researchers, businessmen and entrepreneurs of different areas of activity distributed in a heterogeneous way in the  Science Park facilities. Ultimately, for a decade, the FPCUV works to promote the transfer of knowledge from the University of Valencia to society through the creation of innovative companies.

Since the launch of this program, about twenty companies have been beneficiaries of the VLC/STARTUP. Among them, there are Seqplexing, Darwin Bioprospecting Excellence, EpiDisease and Bemygene, firms that continue installed in the Science Park.