The Institute of Molecular Science is launching its Summer Campus for undergraduate students


The Institute of Molecular Science (ICMol) of the University of Valencia will hold from July 12 to 16 the first edition of the ICMol Summer Campus, a meeting aimed at third and fourth year undergraduate students in scientific degrees , mainly Physics, Chemistry and Engineering. Registration is free and the application deadline is Tuesday, June 22.

The school is designed for students who want to start in the world of science and research in fields related to nanoscience and molecular materials, disciplines of great impact in various sectors such as biomedicine, electronics, pharmacy or materials, to name a few.

The ICMol Summer Campus offers the possibility to know the dynamics of work and the scientific equipment of a leading and of excellence research centre devoted to the molecular nanoscience. The program, lasting five days, includes a series of talks on the different lines of research of this centre of the University of Valencia dedicated to the design of functional materials, the development of applications for the molecular electronics or the experimental study of the magnetic, electrical and optical properties of materials, among others.

Those interested can get registered and access the program on the ICMol website.