Physicist José Antonio Sobrino, appointed editor-in-chief of the new Frontiers in Remote Sensing magazine


José Antonio Sobrino, professor of Earth Physics and Thermodynamics at the University of Valencia and Rey Jaime I 2019 Award, has just been appointed Field Chief Editor of the new Frontiers group magazine, a leading publisher of open access scientific publications. Frontiers in Remote Sensing will make research results on the cutting edge of satellite observation available to the scientific community.

Remote sensing, an essential part of the Global Earth Observing System, is experiencing a new era with the launch of space missions that provide novel data that require the development of new algorithms and the improvement of existing ones. For this reason, the Frontiers group has launched the edition of a new publication on Remote Sensing that is incorporated, under the scientific direction of José A. Sobrino, to the set of more than 90 high-impact journals of the publisher.

Frontiers in Remote Sensing, now operational for the receipt of papers, will address physical and quantitative approaches to remote sensing of land, oceans, biosphere, atmosphere and space on a local and global scale; from remote sensing of essential climate variables, observation of the carbon and water cycle or assessment of natural resources, to remote sensing of forests and vegetation, urban remote sensing or oceanic and geological applications, among many other areas of interest which can be found at .

Published in open access and under peer review, the journal will feature six specialised sections with independent editorial boards.

José Antonio Sobrino is Professor of the Department of Earth Physics and Thermodynamics at the University of Valencia and Director of the Global Change Unit at the Image Processing Laboratory (IPL) of the University of Valencia. His research interests include techniques and applications of thermal remote sensing, such as temperature and emissivity of land and sea surfaces, thermal inertia, urban heat island, evapotranspiration, cal / val activities, etc.

He is the author of more than 250 publications, more than 300 international conference documents and 30 book chapters. He has supervised 20 theses and has been the principal investigator of more than 60 research projects. He has been a guest editor of several special issues in international magazines. He is president of the Spanish Association for Remote Sensing, coordinator of the National Earth Observation Network (RNOT), member of the Advisory Group of the Land Surface Temperature Monitoring (LSTM) mission of the European Space Agency (ESA), and member of the Scientific Group of the French-Indian mission TRISHNA.

In 2019 he received the Rey Jaime I Award for environmental protection, the highest recognition for environmental protection in Spain. It also has the Carta Poblament Award from the City of Torrent (2011, in the Science, Technology and Environment category.