Science parks launch Innotransfer 2021 with more opportunities for knowledge transfer to the Valencian business sector


The open innovation and collective management platform of the Valencian Region, coordinated by the Network of Valencian Science Parks, has scheduled webinars and matching actions to promote public-private collaboration in more than 20 business sectors

For the third consecutive year, the five science parks of the Valencian Region are launching the innovation and transfer initiative that connects knowledge, technology and companies in our territory. For this, they have the support of the Valencian Agency for Innovation (AVI) and the collaboration of more than 20 collaborating entities -among scientific, technological, academic and business organizations- and innovation agents linked to the AVI Network. Innotransfer is the program that promotes cooperation between the scientific and business fields, facilitating contact and knowledge of the parties through a dynamic of challenge-solution.

In 2020 Innotransfer brought together more than 1,100 actors of the Valencian innovation ecosystem and collected 235 expressions of interest, which were framed in the agri-food, automotive, sustainable habitat, health and enabling technologies. This year, from May until the end of December, it will present a program of webinars and matching actions with more than 20 areas of multi-sector innovation to boost public-private collaboration.

For the moment, the University of Valencia Science Park Foundation (FPCUV) will organize three online technical seminars in the agri-food sector. Last April 21 it presented innovation opportunities for the valorization of agri-food waste; next May 27 it will hold a new meeting framed in the fruit and vegetable sector, and on July 8 it will present expressions of interest on food safety.

"AVI innovation agents play a relevant role in promoting the transfer of knowledge and technology. For this reason they have their own space in Innotransfer," said Salvador Coll, director of the Science Park of the Polytechnic University of Valencia and president of the RePCV.

Innovation opportunities for more sectors

This multisectoral initiative of open innovation and collective management aims to boost innovation in key economic sectors of the Valencian Community supporting its Regional Strategy for Innovation and Smart Specialization. In the 2020 edition it focused on five sectors, but this year it will reach more industrial and service areas to enhance its technology transfer: agri-food and water, health, culture, leisure, tourism, infrastructure and construction, energy, textiles, footwear, furniture, ceramics and home, transport and distribution, metalworking and plastics, instrumentation, devices and capital goods, software, media, publishing, education, consulting, insurance, finance and security.

From the web platform, organizations will be able to present their innovation challenges and research teams and companies will be able to respond with proposals aimed at solving these real problems through virtual spaces enabled on the web. This technology transfer initiative between business teams and researchers aims to continue promoting and facilitating collaboration between those involved and thus consolidate innovation projects with an impact on the Valencian Community.