The PCUV collects in an ebook projects around the industry 4.0 that are being developed in the Network of Valencian Science Parks


At least 12 scientific-technological agents and more than 15 companies located in the Network of Valencian Science Parks (rePCV) work on the development of products, technologies and services to implement Industry 4.0 in the Valencian Community. Such innovations can be consulted in the ebook published by the University of Valencia Science Park (PCUV) and can be downloaded from the digital publications section of its website.

The purpose of this publication, entitled La Industria 4.0 generada en la Red de Parques Científicos Valencianos and published with the support of the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (IVACE), is to make visible the role of the five innovation ecosystems in the implementation of a sustainable industry, intelligent and integrative.

In this context, the science parks of the Comunitat Valenciana and the network they form work to consolidate themselves as five poles of innomediation, between research and the actual application of the knowledge generated by it, with the aim of implementing Industry 4.0, taking into account the demands of the economic system and the closest society. Its rooting and connection with the five public universities makes them responsible for assuming a commitment to disseminate and raise awareness of the need to implement automation and digitalization throughout the production system.

The ebook starts with the prologue of the general director of the IVACE, Júlia Company, who collects the strategies that the European, Spanish and Valencian administration have put in place.


Next, the reader will find the different key agents of the innovation system that coexist in the five science parks: competence centers and scientific-technological agents, advanced service providers, media providers, machinery and production systems and materials suppliers, industrial products and final products. In addition, R & D projects framed in Industry 4.0 that are promoted by scientific institutes and companies located in these science parks and have been financially supported by public administrations have been compiled.

Lastly, the ebook includes the multisectorial working groups that, on the initiative of the autonomous administration, as well as the public-private initiative, have been set up to advance the implementation of this new industrial model.