The Valencian brand NBN23 launches a mobile application to access in real time to the digital scorecard of amateur basketball matches


The company, linked to the University of Valencia Science Park, has developed Swish in order to carry out live personalized follow-ups of basketball teams and players


“If years ago they had told us that we could follow the matches of the basketball federations from the mobile and with statistics of their players, we could not even imagine it. Now this will be a reality and will give you the visibility that amateur basketball deserves,” says Miguel Bullón, executive director of Nothingbutnet, the company responsible for the NBN23 brand.

Although until now we had to access the web to follow the digital act that this Valencian company designs for basketball federations, from today it is already possible to track in real time the development of the digital scorecard from any electronic device where the application Swish is downloaded, available for both the Android and iOS operating system.

"This will mean that many Spanish federations, others worldwide and tournaments such as JR NBA, Manheim or FIMBA, can be followed instantly with the mobile," explains Javier Bosch, CEO of Nothingbutnet. "Following more than 200,000 matches live in more than 30 countries will cause much more excitement, never seen in these leagues," he adds.

The application has a storage capacity that allows teh users to consult matches from other days. In addition, it offers statistics of players attending different categories (points, valuation, rebounds, assists, blocks, steals, free throws), “which will facilitate the work of coaches, players and referees, who can scout in a much simpler and faster way, that is, know the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent, as well as individuals, and, with this information, prepare strategies.” Miguel Bullón emphasizes.

Among the customization options that this new application allows, it must be highlighted, among others, the possibility of choosing the teams to follow and knowing through alerts the statistics of a specific player. The greatest capacity for segmentation will be possible in the paid version.

“There are many applications for professional basketball, but this is the first for amateur basketball,” says Víctor González, head of Communication of the NBN23 brand, who reveals that the name of the application refers to the Anglo-Saxon onomatopoeia with which the world of basketball refers to a clean shot. For now, the application will be limited to basketball competitions, although "the purpose is to extend it to other sports if the company increases its current range of performance."

Born in the Science Park

Nothingbutnet is a startup born in the University of Valencia Science Park to improve the world of basketball through technology. Powered by the Innovative Entrepreneurship Program VLC/STARTUP, it has developed two digitalization technologies for the world of basketball (NBN23 Competition and NBN23 Performance), aimed at monitoring the movement of players and enhancing the show by providing relevant information in real time.

In addition to Spain, NBN23 currently works with basketball federations in the United States, Turkey, Belgium, China and Mexico. The Valencian company has more than five national and international awards; among them, it is the first European HYPE award for Best Technological Innovation Project of 2016, whose final was held at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro 2016.