I2SysBio participates in the complete sequencing of the grapevine genome and helps design the vineyard of the future Leer más »
ICMol is working on the development of 100% insulating and recyclable packaging against food waste Leer más »
An I2SysBio group investigates the reduction of the tiger mosquito population in Valencia through the inoculation of the bacterium 'Wolbachia' in males Leer más »
José Antonio Sobrino, new director of the Image Processing Laboratory of the University of Valencia Leer más »
Ibions, AgrotecUV startup, plans to implement its nutrition solution in hospitals as part of medical services Leer más »
Ubesol Group, based at PCUV, increases its turnover by 5.8% and consolidates its international growth Leer más »
iSARC-GENETICS consortium concludes project on early detection, diagnosis and monitoring of sarcopenia Leer más »
Overgenes finalizes the recruitment of volunteers for its project for the early detection and diagnosis of sarcopenia Leer más »
AgrotecUV opens the second call of the program to attract startups linked to the agri-food sector Leer más »