The 10 startups selected to grow in the AgrotecUV incubator present their projects to researchers Read more »
IFIC researcher Carlos Mariñas, new technical coordinator of the Belle II experiment in Japan Read more »
IFIC presents a novel technique to measure the absolute mass of neutrinos from the observation of supernova explosions Read more »
The Royal Academy of Engineering of Spain appoints Ana Conesa (i2SysBio) full member Read more »
Cells that promote blood vessel formation and neurogenesis in the prenatal human brain identified by ICBiBE researchers Read more »
ADM Biopolis reports a 50% increase in sales in 2021 Read more »
VLC Photonics visits the facilities of the Science Park of the University of Valencia Read more »
The Autonomic Secretary of Universities and Innovation visits the PCUV business and innovation area Read more »
FDA designates orphan drug designation for ARTHEx Biotech investigational drug Read more »
The big topics of Astronomy, to be debated at the European Astronomical Society Annual Meeting Read more »
They discover an effect that determines the detection of neutrinos to study the cosmos Read more »
New study reveals hot spots for migratory birds Read more »
A new spin-off of the University of Valencia will manufacture catalysts for the production of green hydrogen at low cost Read more »
Three researchers from the ICMol, honoured with the awards of the Royal Spanish Society of Chemistry Read more »
Bacteria found in car fuel tanks serve to degrade hydrocarbons in contaminated areas Read more »
IFIC develops a new monitoring system for hadronic therapy against cancer Read more »
The University of Valencia and La Fe design an educational program on palaeontology for paediatric patients Read more »
They measure for the first time how the mass of an elementary particle of matter changes at very high energies Read more »
Essential oils encapsulated in MOF materials to improve food safety Read more »
Artificial Intelligence is used to recognise complex patterns of coexistence between plant species Read more »
New AI methodology to improve understanding of the planet in a climate change situation Read more »
Nests of prenatal neuroblasts are responsible for the production of interneurons in the developing human brain Read more »
The Microbial Resource Research Infrastructure (MIRRI), based in the University of Valencia, is gaining ground in the European Research Area Read more »
The SeMap project puts on the map the cultural assets housed in more than 100 Spanish museums Read more »
Europe funds with 1.5 million a project by José J. Baldoví aimed at the development of 2D devices for information processing Read more »
IFIC researcher Juan José Hernández-Rey, new member of the Large Hadron Collider Experiments Committee Read more »
High-frequency oscillations in the gigantic eruption of a neutron star captured with technology from the University of Valencia Read more »
A new weather forecasting model will help plan urban spaces in anticipation of the climate change effects Read more »
Living cells as ‘minifactories’, cutting graphene nanofragments or the new ‘attochemistry’, at the XX Science Conference of ICMol Read more »
Gustau Camps, new member of the European Science Foundation Read more »
The same genetic adaptation in two different yeasts used in the fermentation of wine is observed for the first time Read more »
2D materials for the development of fully recyclable and more effective packaging in food protection Read more »
A company dedicated to producing, distributing and promoting the use of MOF materials is born as a spin-off of the University of Valencia Read more »
The IFIC develops a compact and portable detector with medical and nuclear safety applications Read more »
The University of Valencia compiles the European silk heritage in a digital repository and recovers obsolete techniques Read more »
José Antonio Sobrino, Research Award of the Spanish Geographical Society Read more »
A new pandemic simulator helps predict their evolution in different epidemiological scenarios Read more »
The astronomer of the University of Valencia Iván Martí-Vidal receives the Early Career Award 2021 Read more »
The ICMol MOFs win the prizes for the best doctoral theses in nanoscience Read more »
José Antonio Sobrino joins the High Advisory Council on R + D + i of the Valencian Community Read more »
An IFIC researcher will coordinate the selection of real-time data from the LHC experiment at CERN Read more »
Towards quantum technologies based on magnetic molecules Read more »
Chemistry paves the way for the development of intelligent two-dimensional materials for optoelectronics Read more »
IRTIC will modernise the DGT’s traffic management systems over the next four years Read more »
Darwin Bioprospecting Excellence wins the Santander X Spain Award 2021 Read more »
Confinement eliminated circulating coronavirus variants during the first wave in Spain Read more »
Nanotechnology for the development of PPEs against bacteria and toxic agents, more advanced and respectful with users Read more »
How to apply Deep learning to Earth and Climate Sciences Read more »
Juan P. Martínez Pastor, new director of the Institute of Materials Science of the University of Valencia Read more »
The University of Valencia participates in a study that determines the best way to drip persimmons and lemon trees Read more »
EpiDisease obtains ISO 9001:2015 quality management certification for its COVID-19 diagnostic laboratory Read more »
They capture the image of the heart of the closest radio galaxy Read more »
The Corpuscular Physics Institute will contribute to the development of a new PET scanner Read more »
They design a system for detecting floods from space using Artificial Intelligence Read more »
The University of Valencia optimises the production of biogas for a new plant in Aras de los Olmos Read more »
Autophagy studies reviewed for possible therapeutic targets for the treatment of liver fibrosis Read more »
Science parks will assess the impact of innovative companies on the economic development of the Comunitat Valenciana Read more »
The Institute of Molecular Science is launching its Summer Campus for undergraduate students Read more »
Artificial Intelligence for the diagnosis of medical imaging pathologies Read more »
Two-dimensional magnetic materials are advancing towards a new generation of devices for the storage and transport of information Read more »
The Institute of Molecular Science hosts the XIV European School of Molecular Nanoscience Read more »
EU citizens and companies will be able to identify themselves digitally and carry out more secure transactions regardless of the country where they reside Read more »
Europe opts for Artificial Intelligence to understand the causes of climate change Read more »
Science parks launch Innotransfer 2021 with more opportunities for knowledge transfer to the Valencian business sector Read more »
Ángela Pérez received today the Alumni Plus Award from the Social Council of the University of Valencia Read more »
The University of Valencia creates a species identification tool that will serve to expand the Valencian biodiversity inventory through a citizen science campaign Read more »
The KM3NeT/ARCA neutrino telescope, in which IFIC participates, already has six detection units working Read more »
IATA-CSIC researchers patent new method to produce a potent antioxidant from olive oil Read more »
Researchers of the University of Valencia predict sea level changes along many coasts around the globe Read more »
The highest mortality rate of endangered vultures occurs in southeastern Europe, largely due to human activity Read more »
The extinction of larger species threatens the balance in ecological processes on a global scale Read more »
Entrepreneurship in the Science Parks of the Valencian Community, to be debated at the Plaza Emprendedores Awards Read more »
Ángela Pérez, president of the BIO cluster of the Valencian Region Read more »
Darwin Bioprospecting Excellence wins the 3rd edition of the European entrepreneurship program 'Scale Up'. Read more »
The companies Dawako Medtech and Arthex Biotech, finalists of the Emprendedor XXI Award of the Valencian Region Read more »
More than 200 PCR samples are analyzed daily in companies of the Science Park Read more »
PCR with saliva sample: an alternative for detecting the presence of SARS-CoV-2 Read more »
Machine learning revolutionises methodologies to quantify the terrestrial biosphere Read more »
European forests, increasingly vulnerable to winds, fires and insect pests Read more »
Laser Food technology receives the 'Solar Impulse' award as one of the 1,000 most efficient solutions in the world Read more »
A galactic source of gamma rays that is a candidate for producing very high-energy cosmic rays is detected Read more »
Remote sensing, AI and Big Data to reduce water and fertiliser consumption in Spanish plantations Read more »
New, more resistant, and sustainable materials for port security Read more »
Laboratorios Necenti's epigenetic analysis platform determines the symptomatology that a person will develop if they suffer from COVID-19 Read more »
The DeepCube project launches to address problems derived from climate change through AI Read more »
A new formulation for epidemiological models provides more reliable data on the assessment of the pandemic Read more »
Viruses can evolve to benefit the host organism, according to an I2SysBio study Read more »
IFIC presents a device to perform guided biopsies in real time and personalise the treatment of any type of cancer Read more »
The University of Valencia Science Park launches a photovoltaic solar car park Read more »
Astrophysicists detect for the first time a blue ray from its genesis, spreading upward in the stratosphere Read more »
IFIC brings to theater the life of Lise Meitner, a pioneer of nuclear physics forgotten by the Nobel committee Read more »
A species of cave bug unknown until today provides the testimony of an ancient fauna Read more »
IATA-CSIC patents a 'superenzyme' that reduces pollution associated with the paper industry Read more »
The flux of neutrons in cosmic rays gets caracterised to improve the security of telecommunications Read more »
The European Commission accredits the University of Valencia Science Park as a Digital Innovation Hub Read more »
ICMol’s NANOMEM TECH project wins the 2020 Entrepreneurial Potential Award for its business model for the development of chips that function as neurons Read more »
Symbiosis magazine pays tribute to Eva Barreno with a special on lichens Read more »
IATA-CSIC researchers study the influence of intestinal microorganisms on the incidence of Sars-COV-2 Read more »
IMEGEN, winner of the Innovation Award in the Night of the Economy of the newspaper elEconomista Read more »
A new gene family of antimicrobial proteins is discovered in the German cockroach Read more »
Darwin, UBE and VlcPhotonics, winners of the rePCV 2020 Awards Read more »
Way2Ecommerce offers the creation and hosting of a totally free e-commerce portal for SMEs affected by the COVID-19 pandemic Read more »
Inflammation caused by bacterial infection puts brain stem cells on alert, according to a study of the University of Valencia Read more »
Doitplenoptic, selected as one of the most competitive startups in Healthtech by the European Commission's X-Europe program Read more »
The University of Valencia will have a relevant role in the European development of Artificial Intelligence Read more »
IRTIC pilot project promotes sustainable mobility and autonomy of school children in Torrent Read more »
The University of Valencia obtains one of the 5 grants from the BBVA Foundation for R&D teams in Big Data Read more »
Nothingbutnet adapts its bluetooth monitoring technology to control capacity and safety distance in enclosed spaces Read more »
Eugenio Coronado wins the Humboldt Research Award Read more »
DOITPLENOPTIC and ARTHEX Biotech spin-offs, winners of the 5UCV awards Read more »
A work on the oxygen molecule wins the XXVI European Award for the Dissemination of Science Read more »
IMEGEN, selected by the Framework Agreement of the Ministry of Health to provide hospitals with PCR tests Read more »
Eugenio Coronado receives a new FET-OPEN project for European support for Future and Emerging Technologies Read more »
A new SARS-CoV-2 mutation emerged in Spain in summer and spread across Europe, according to a study Read more »
Seqplexing biotechnology develops kits to detect the presence of Sars-CoV-2 in biobank samples Read more »
The Institute of Materials Science of the University of Valencia celebrates its 25th anniversary Read more »
The presence of pets in dune ecosystems is incompatible with the conservation of coastal birds Read more »
Darwin Biotech develops Masa Mater, an instant powdered sourdough for home use Read more »
Artificial Intelligence also has illusory perceptions Read more »
ICMol scientists synthesise a material capable of degrading nerve agents in water Read more »
Seqplexing and University of Valencia will apply kits for the rapid detection of genetic mutations using next-generation sequencing Read more »
Physicist José Antonio Sobrino, appointed editor-in-chief of the new Frontiers in Remote Sensing magazine Read more »
The Science Park will incubate seven innovative companies in its sixth edition of VLC/STARTUP Read more »
A study by the University of Valencia contributes to characterising the fusion of metals Read more »
The Minister of Science and Innovation visits IATA-CSIC Institute to learn about four research projects that try to stop COVID-19 Read more »
Investment in applied innovation is consolidated in the companies of the Valencia Region's science parks Read more »
Darwin and SiCtech, selected by the European business growth program SCALE UP Read more »
Valencian researchers study the use of artificial intelligence to identify pneumonia in COVID-19 Read more »
The genome of the phylloxera that devastated European vines in the nineteenth century deciphered Read more »
Europe bets on the Artificial Intelligence of the University as a response to Climate Change in the Mediterranean Read more »
The Institute of Molecular Science obtains the accreditation as ‘María de Maeztu’ Unit of Excellence Read more »
Darwin Biotech and Antiga Artesana launch a beer with a native yeast, orange flavor and rice aroma Read more »
Ángela Pérez, Alumni Plus Award from the Consell Social of the University of Valencia Read more »
Scientists detect rapid changes in a black hole that may help understand the origin of the most energetic radiation in the Universe Read more »
Darwin and SiCtech, finalists in the European business growth program SCALE UP Read more »
Particles trapped in 2D materials, essential for the design of quantum computers, identified Read more »
A team from the ICMol advances in the knowledge of the molecular structure of natural products Read more »
The University of Valencia will have a relevant role in the European development of Artificial Intelligence Read more »
ADM collaborates in a trial to test the effects of probiotic supplements in patients with COVID-19 Read more »
Juan José Borrás, new director of the University of Valencia Science Park Read more »
IFIC opens its computing infrastructure for Artificial Intelligence to Spanish research groups Read more »
Doitplenoptic, selected as one of the most competitive startups in Healthtech by the European Commission's X-Europe programme Read more »
Five I2SysBio COVID-19 projects obtain competitive financing Read more »
Kinship recognition increases conflict between the sexes and may impair the survival ability of many species Read more »
The University will facilitate the recycling of PVC by eliminating lead Read more »
The University and its spin-off Epidisease will be able to reinforce Sanitat with the analysis of up to 1,200 viral samples per day Read more »
IMEGEN prepares  diagnostic kits for SARS-CoV2 to make them available to the Ministry of Health Read more »
The University of Valencia and the Fisabio Foundation obtain the first complete genomes of the SARS-CoV2 virus in Spain Read more »
The University of Valencia will provide the scientific basis for the protection of cetaceans in the Mediterranean Read more »
The Institute of Corpuscular Physics develops a system to improve the dismantling of nuclear power plants Read more »
The medical technology company Dawako, second prize in the 5UCV Startup contest Read more »
ValGenetics and Darwin, recognized by the Bioval Awards as best biotech businesses of 2019 Read more »
AI for Understanding and Modelling the Earth System – International Research Team, co-led by the University of Valencia, wins ERC Synergy Grant Read more »
The Valencian brand NBN23 launches a mobile application to access in real time to the digital scorecard of amateur basketball matches Read more »
The Science Park will grant spaces to the winning companies of its innovative entrepreneurship program Read more »
A public-private partnership in the Science Park demonstrates the antioxidant potential of bacteria extracted from solar panels Read more »
The Medsealitter project on the impact of marine litter on the Mediterranean sea concludes with an exhibition in Valencia Read more »
The FPCUV signs an agreement with IVACE for 350,000€ to boost knowledge transfer and encourage innovative entrepreneurship Read more »
Nobel laureate Ada Yonath meets doctoral students at Science Park Read more »
Universitat de València ranks first in chemical research among Spanish universities Read more »
Javier Calpe, recognized with the Teleco: Honoris Causa Award during the Night of Valencian Telecommunications Read more »
Salvador Coll, director of the CPI, assumes the presidency of the Network of Valencian Science Parks Read more »
Ángela Pérez, distinguished with the Businesswoman Award granted by the University of Valencia Read more »
The Science Park hosts a training session on arbitration and mediation to solve disputes arising from research and technology transfer Read more »
Susana Fiszman and Laura Laguna, from IATA-CSIC, recognized by The Journal of Texture Studies for their research on food Read more »
The company Darwin receives a NEOTEC project to implant the use of the wax worm as a new model for in vivo screening of probiotics Read more »
Würth Elektronik opens its first research and development center in Spain at the Science Park Read more »
The nutraceutical industry rewards Daniel Ramón for his "outstanding contribution to the development of food science and biotechnology" Read more »
The companies of the Science Park, in the TALENT-FEST of the Escola Tècnica Superior d'Enginyeria Read more »
Ignasi Pons: "There are companies that have compromised its viability due to a failure in the implementation of the ERP" Read more »
Ontinyent visits the Science Park and estimates to establish a headquarters in the town that encourages collaboration with the business sector of the Vall d'Albaida Read more »
Up to 91 companies installed in the Science Park generate direct employment to 520 people Read more »
Two and a half million euros from Europe for a project in nanoscience of the Universitat Read more »
The Chair of Würth Elektronik, awarded by the Consell Social as the best collaboration practice between the University and society Read more »
Representatives of universities in Costa Rica visited technological companies in the Science Park Read more »
The Trust of the FPCUV approves the 2018 accounts and knows the results of the companies report Read more »
IMEGEN creates an online platform to personally meet the demands of its hereditary cancer test Read more »
Companies of PCUV receive the customized competitiveness report of the GECE Observatory Read more »
Concentration in the Science Park on the occasion of International Women's Day Read more »
Deep learning will need Physics to solve the complexity of Earth sciences Read more »
A research in C. elegans shows that the intake of a tangerine carotenoid reduces the body fat by 30% Read more »
ValGenetics receives the Mujer Agro Award for promoting equal opportunities in the agri-food sector Read more »
Darwin takes part in a commercial initiative of precision nutrition based on the intestinal microbiome Read more »
The Fundació Parc Científic will encourage the use of the Court of Arbitration and Mediation of Valencia for the resolution of conflicts Read more »
The PCUV will host the First National Congress of Social Responsibility and Cooperatives on January 23 and 24 Read more »
The PCUV collects in an ebook projects around the industry 4.0 that are being developed in the Network of Valencian Science Parks Read more »
Agroinncuba collects in 2 ebooks the knowledge developed to boost startups in the agri-food sector Read more »
I2SysBio leads an Ibero-American network for the monitoring of the Xylella fastidiosa bacterium Read more »
The principal of the University of València presides for the first time the trust of the FPCUV Read more »
Andrés Pedreño and Javier Plaza present today in the Science Park an ebook with an economic and legal vision of Big Data and AI Read more »
New interdisciplinary approaches for the study of lichen symbiosis, in a meeting of experts open to students Read more »
Experts in innovation from the state of Paraná (Brazil) visit the Science Park Read more »
Ángela Pérez, CEO of Imegen, receives the award for Women Entrepreneurs granted by the City of Paterna Read more »
A Cavanilles team discovers which genes allow adaptation to environmental fluctuations in a rotifers Read more »
Four companies of the Science Park, finalists of the III Paterna City of Companies Awards Read more »
Bemygene and La Fe will develop an epigenetic analysis to diagnose lung cancer when biopsy is not feasible Read more »
Specialists from the Science Park tackle how to deal with longevity and precision medicine at the Longevity World Forum Read more »
IFIC scientists carry out the first Earth tomography with neutrinos Read more »
UBE and AINIA develop flexible nylon packaging that double the shelf-life of prepared foods Read more »
Darwin Bioprospecting Excellence, second prize of the 5U CV STARTUP contest Read more »