The Institute of Corpuscular Physics develops a system to improve the dismantling of nuclear power plants Read more »
The medical technology company Dawako, second prize in the 5UCV Startup contest Read more »
ValGenetics and Darwin, recognized by the Bioval Awards as best biotech businesses of 2019 Read more »
AI for Understanding and Modelling the Earth System – International Research Team, co-led by the University of Valencia, wins ERC Synergy Grant Read more »
The Valencian brand NBN23 launches a mobile application to access in real time to the digital scorecard of amateur basketball matches Read more »
The Science Park will grant spaces to the winning companies of its innovative entrepreneurship program Read more »
A public-private partnership in the Science Park demonstrates the antioxidant potential of bacteria extracted from solar panels Read more »
The Medsealitter project on the impact of marine litter on the Mediterranean sea concludes with an exhibition in Valencia Read more »
The FPCUV signs an agreement with IVACE for 350,000€ to boost knowledge transfer and encourage innovative entrepreneurship Read more »
Nobel laureate Ada Yonath meets doctoral students at Science Park Read more »
Universitat de València ranks first in chemical research among Spanish universities Read more »
Javier Calpe, recognized with the Teleco: Honoris Causa Award during the Night of Valencian Telecommunications Read more »
Salvador Coll, director of the CPI, assumes the presidency of the Network of Valencian Science Parks Read more »
Ángela Pérez, distinguished with the Businesswoman Award granted by the University of Valencia Read more »
The Science Park hosts a training session on arbitration and mediation to solve disputes arising from research and technology transfer Read more »
Susana Fiszman and Laura Laguna, from IATA-CSIC, recognized by The Journal of Texture Studies for their research on food Read more »
The company Darwin receives a NEOTEC project to implant the use of the wax worm as a new model for in vivo screening of probiotics Read more »
Würth Elektronik opens its first research and development center in Spain at the Science Park Read more »
The nutraceutical industry rewards Daniel Ramón for his "outstanding contribution to the development of food science and biotechnology" Read more »
The companies of the Science Park, in the TALENT-FEST of the Escola Tècnica Superior d'Enginyeria Read more »
Ignasi Pons: "There are companies that have compromised its viability due to a failure in the implementation of the ERP" Read more »
Ontinyent visits the Science Park and estimates to establish a headquarters in the town that encourages collaboration with the business sector of the Vall d'Albaida Read more »
Up to 91 companies installed in the Science Park generate direct employment to 520 people Read more »
Two and a half million euros from Europe for a project in nanoscience of the Universitat Read more »
The Chair of Würth Elektronik, awarded by the Consell Social as the best collaboration practice between the University and society Read more »
Representatives of universities in Costa Rica visited technological companies in the Science Park Read more »
The Trust of the FPCUV approves the 2018 accounts and knows the results of the companies report Read more »
IMEGEN creates an online platform to personally meet the demands of its hereditary cancer test Read more »
Companies of PCUV receive the customized competitiveness report of the GECE Observatory Read more »
Concentration in the Science Park on the occasion of International Women's Day Read more »
Deep learning will need Physics to solve the complexity of Earth sciences Read more »
A research in C. elegans shows that the intake of a tangerine carotenoid reduces the body fat by 30% Read more »
ValGenetics receives the Mujer Agro Award for promoting equal opportunities in the agri-food sector Read more »
Darwin takes part in a commercial initiative of precision nutrition based on the intestinal microbiome Read more »
The Fundació Parc Científic will encourage the use of the Court of Arbitration and Mediation of Valencia for the resolution of conflicts Read more »
The PCUV will host the First National Congress of Social Responsibility and Cooperatives on January 23 and 24 Read more »
The PCUV collects in an ebook projects around the industry 4.0 that are being developed in the Network of Valencian Science Parks Read more »
Agroinncuba collects in 2 ebooks the knowledge developed to boost startups in the agri-food sector Read more »
I2SysBio leads an Ibero-American network for the monitoring of the Xylella fastidiosa bacterium Read more »
The principal of the University of València presides for the first time the trust of the FPCUV Read more »
Andrés Pedreño and Javier Plaza present today in the Science Park an ebook with an economic and legal vision of Big Data and AI Read more »
New interdisciplinary approaches for the study of lichen symbiosis, in a meeting of experts open to students Read more »
Experts in innovation from the state of Paraná (Brazil) visit the Science Park Read more »
Ángela Pérez, CEO of Imegen, receives the award for Women Entrepreneurs granted by the City of Paterna Read more »
A Cavanilles team discovers which genes allow adaptation to environmental fluctuations in a rotifers Read more »
Four companies of the Science Park, finalists of the III Paterna City of Companies Awards Read more »
Bemygene and La Fe will develop an epigenetic analysis to diagnose lung cancer when biopsy is not feasible Read more »
Specialists from the Science Park tackle how to deal with longevity and precision medicine at the Longevity World Forum Read more »
IFIC scientists carry out the first Earth tomography with neutrinos Read more »
UBE and AINIA develop flexible nylon packaging that double the shelf-life of prepared foods Read more »
Darwin Bioprospecting Excellence, second prize of the 5U CV STARTUP contest Read more »
Laser Food registers in Europe the brand 'Natural Branding' to refer to natural food labeling by laser marking Read more »
The FPCUV imparts a training program to three Ecuadorian universities to develop an innovation hub in Quito Read more »
The new NEOTEC program evaluates with 7 points the accommodation of the company in a recognized incubation center such as the PCUV Read more »
IVAC-Instituto de Certificación, the first accredited European entity to certify Data Protection Delegates Read more »
IVACE will support with €250,000 to the entrepreneurs of the five Valencian science park Read more »
The Colombian startup Visualiti, specialized in the application of ioT in agriculture, meets companies of the Science Park thanks to the Landing Program of Cyted Read more »
Business metrics, a reduced cap table and a good deal of partners, three of the keys to convince investors Read more »
The company Darwin increases the productivity of a biogas plant by at least 50% Read more »
University of Valence announces the V edition of the '5U CV STARTUP' contest for university entrepreneurs Read more »
IMEGEN launches the first Spanish e-learning portal in Genomics and Genetics to train medical professionals Read more »
The spin-off EpiDisease will receive € 344,000 from the Botín Foundation to accelerate the arrival on the market of a AIS diagnostic test Read more »
Red Hat, world leader in open source business solutions, has been installed in the Science Park Read more »
The company Kanteron, specialized in e-health, is installed in the Science Park attracted by its biotechnological hub Read more »
Researchers of the Universitat de València have been awarded half of the Leonardo grants in the Valencian Community Read more »
Companies and research institutes of the PCUV meet with UV and ADEIT managers to analyze the project of their own titles Read more »
Fire benefits the flower beetle in Mediterranean ecosystems Read more »
The challenge between the Gasol brothers has had the digital record of the Valencian company NBN23 Read more »
The UVSP gives the presidency of the Network of Valencian Science Parks to Alicante Read more »
The 8 start-ups selected by VLC/STARTUP will develop their innovative projects in the Science Park Read more »
The Nobel Prize Barry Barish explains the new astronomy of the gravitational waves in the Parc Científic Read more »
The chemist Guillermo Mínguez will be given the Princess of Girona Award in the category of Scientific Research Read more »
University of Valencia researchers provide useful new data for developing antitumor drugs Read more »
Q'omer, awarded as socially responsible company by the 'Un Habitat Mejor' program of Leroy Merlin Read more »
IFIC working on adapting experiments to the LHC’s great future potential Read more »
The keys to success in the search for investment for startups, to debate in the PCUV Read more »
The IFIC participates in a study that reveals the relationships of the Higgs Boson with the heaviest particle. Read more »
The Universitat develops technology to spread knowledge about the Red Planet Read more »
Expociència celebrates this Saturday its 10th anniversary with hundred activities for all audiences Read more »
IFIC, first Spanish centre for scientific impact in fundamental physics Read more »
The Valencian Agency for Innovation and the rePCV will collaborate to promote knowledge-based entrepreneurship Read more »
The Universitat de València will host European infrastructure of microbial resources research MIRRI Read more »
The University of Nanjing (China) honours the scientist Eugenio Coronado Read more »
The IFIC organises the first boot camp for young researchers of the largest neutrino telescope in the world Read more »
Q'omer will distribute its products in Colombia after its stay with the International Landing Program of the Cyted-Agroinncuba network Read more »
Design Thinking, encourage innovation imitating the working formulas of the creatives. Read more »
The ICMUV and the Max Planck Society establish a research partner group on multifunctional colloid materials Read more »
The UVSPF organizes a training day in the Science Park on how the GDPR affects small and medium enterprises Read more »
The IV edition of VLC/STARTUP will support the development of innovative startups through the assignment of spaces in the Science Park Read more »
The Science Park hosts the second meeting of Agroinncuba-CYTED, international network for the creation and support of agro-food startups Read more »
The mayor of Alboraya visits the Science Park and has shown interest in the sanitation of the tiger nut from ValGenetics Read more »
A new particle accelerator starts its activity in Japan and counts with the collaboration of IFIC Read more »
Analog Devices and Würth Elektronik award two Valencian projects at the First European University Design Contest Read more »
Intenanomat is one of the 5 Valencian companies chosen by Horizon 2020 to develop in Phase I with the SME Instrument Read more »
Participants of Estalmat, of mathematical encouragement, visited the Institute of Integrative Systems Biology (I2SysBio) Read more »
Nanoscience and dissemination in the festival “10alamenos9” Read more »
The UVSPF and managers of the Valencia Stock Exchange study the access of startups of the Science Park to the pre-market environment Read more »
Q'omer achieves 90% of 2017 turnover in the first quarter of 2 Read more »
IVAC is one of the four companies authorized by the AEPD to certify the new figure of the Delegate of Data Protection Read more »
The UVSPF will advise companies in submitting applications for the Cyted International Landing Program Read more »
Imegen and Sant Joan de Déu Hospital launch the first genetic analysis in Spain that allows personalized treatment in childhood cancer Read more »
The opening speeches of the Institute for Integrative Systems Biology focus on the value of scientific innovation Read more »
The Board of the UVSPF approves the 2017 accounts and knows its Equality Plan Read more »
ValGenetics, authorized laboratory of plant health, will produce this year more than 900 strawberry mother plants for the producers of Huelva Read more »
Seidor Consulting, specialized in SAP, offers to collaborate with the companies and the research institutes of the Park Read more »
The 1st International Credit Mobility Week stops at the Science Park Read more »
Quimacova, association of companies in the chemical sector, chooses Bia Seguridad Industrial to manage the CBA of its members Read more »
The IFIC collaborates with the Mohamed V University in Rabat in order to launch a LHC computing infrastructure in Morocco Read more »
The Universitat de València and the CSIC inaugurate the Institute for Integrative Systems Biology Read more »
The INCOME european research project studies the coworking model of the University of Valencia Science Park Read more »
A new mixture of probiotics developed by Biopolis helps reduce the use of topical steroids in patients with atopic dermatitis Read more »
Researchers from the Cavanilles Institute have discovered a neural regeneration mechanism following a brain injury in new-born babies Read more »
Researchers from the Universitat de València discover why basal metabolism of living beings varies its mass Read more »
The Spanish node of the Microbial Resources European Network is starting to develop in the Parc Científic of the University Read more »
The IFIC leads an experiment in Japan to test how heavy elements are formed Read more »
APTE awards the UVSPF for the PIDE project aimed at evaluating the profile of the Park's business area Read more »
Responsible for the SISP of Bogota meet with the UVSPF to establish lines of collaboration Read more »
What a Business Angel is and how it works Read more »
Perspectives and advantages of social entrepreneurship Read more »
The City Council of Valencia rewards the Institute of Robotics of the University for a project that will allow blind people to map their environment through sounds Read more »
How to comply with the Immediate Supply of Information (SII) Read more »
Energy efficiency companies reward Cysnergy for a project for Hinojosa group Read more »
Mariam Tórtola, researcher at IFIC, has won the L’Oréal-UNESCO award “For Women in Science.” Read more »
The team of Nothingbutnet S.L., awarded as 'Entrepreneur of the Year' for the II Prizes Paterna Ciudad de Empresas Read more »
An ETSE project in collaboration with B&R, the best in Europe using Powerlink Ethernet technology Read more »
The use of agile methodologies in your strategic innovation plan Read more »
IFIC organises a conference on SKA, the largest radiotelescope in the world that will open new possibilities for the study of the Universe Read more »
The Faculty of Physics pays tribute to Marie Curie on the 150th anniversary of her birth. Read more »
Bemygene, recognized with the 2nd prize of the 5U CV STARTUP competition Read more »
The IFIC celebrates the Dark Matter Day with the premiere of the documentary “Phantom of the Universe”. Read more »
The IEEE recognizes Analog Devices Spain its "valuable contribution" in the international program Action For Industry Read more »
Banco Santander and the UVSPF sign an agreement to facilitate the financing of the companies in the Science Park Read more »
10 keys to win an investor over with your Business Plan Read more »
The SPTO will explain today at the Parc how patents are a source of scientific information of great value Read more »
Why and where should we look for patent information? Read more »
Scientists of La Universitat contribute new data for the development of ‘Valletrónica’, the electronics of the future Read more »
The circular economy and why we should bet on it in the company Read more »
The Universidad Nacional de Colombia visits the Science Park to create a similar ecosystem of innovation Read more »
The outreach work of a researcher of the Universitat de València is awarded with the RSEF-BBVA award Read more »
Formula E exhibits one of its official cars at the Universitat de València Read more »
The Local Paterna Pact for Innovation has been signed in the Science Park Read more »
The Cavanilles Institute gathers 160 experts in cetaceans at the Scientific Park Read more »
In which innovative areas are business angels investing in 2017? Read more »
Europe finances with three million euros two projects of the Universitat de València Read more »
IRTIC participates in the implementation of the European electronic invoice within the Public Health area Read more »
Four research projects of the Universitat will be financed by the European programme Interreg Mediterrani Read more »
Nothingbutnet launches a bluetooth device to prevent drowning in swimming pools Read more »
NASA and ESA scientists take part in a congress on remote sensing organised by the UV Read more »
The IFIC takes part in a European project to develop a new surveillance system in nuclear power plants Read more »
Call for Awards 5U CV STARTUP Read more »
CDTI and IVACE experts inform about their R+D+i funding programs today in the Science Park Read more »
The UV and NRAO from Virginia map in 3D the nucleus of a supernova Read more »
Antonio Camacho is elected president of the European Federation of Freshwater Sciences Read more »
An UV study shows the ability of dolphins to adapt to the overfishing effects Read more »
Juan Antonio Raga is the new president of the Valencian Science Parks Network Read more »
The IFIC leads a European project to improve the theories that look for new physics in the LHC Read more »
The microbiologist Francis Mojica gives a conference at the Science Park Read more »
A researcher of the IFIC has been awarded a scholarship of the BBVA Foundation for research in physics at LHC Read more »
La Fundació Parc Científic UV ha organitzat un taller sobre patents, secret industrial i finançament Read more »
The UV and distinguished Valencian businessmen gather in the Science Park Read more »
Virus can present a ‘social component’ as a strategy to ease propagation Read more »
A food supplement is developed for people with myotonic dystrophy Read more »
Science Park hosts the launch of the European project PROTECTED, aimed at reducing the impact of chemicals on health Read more »
Science Park Foundation publishes a new resource guide for startups Read more »
The Agroinncuba Network has been created for the innovative business development in the agro-food industry Read more »
The IFIC, among the elite of the global research to improve the detection of breast cancer Read more »
The UV starts the development of more effective and cheaper catalysts for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries Read more »
PROISER and the University of Valencia conclude that semen quality of depends on subpopulations and not on the individual features of spermatozoa Read more »
International experts present new technologies to build more compact particle accelerators Read more »
The 9th edition of Exposcience 2017 Read more »
Palaeontologists from Cavanilles suggest that the gigantism evolution in predators was based on metabolic changes Read more »
IFIC’s researchers lead a study that improves the search of new Higgs bosons in the LHC Read more »
Female researchers of the UV discover the coexistence of a great diversity of symbiotic microalgae in the lichens Read more »
A map of the distribution pattern of scales in current sharks reconstructs how the first vertebrates lived Read more »
Severo Ochoa colloquium about the Nobel Prize for Physics of 2016 at the IFIC Read more »
Science with humour by the hand of ‘Big Van’ group, at the IFIC Read more »
Students of 56 secondary schools discover the LHC research at the Institute of Corpuscular Physics Read more »
Four Valencian companies win VLC/START-UP 2016 programme awards Read more »
Water joins temperature as a key element in controlling the Earth's carbon cycle Read more »
University leads network for studying the impacts of global change on bird populations Read more »
IFIC gathers people in charge of Global Particle Physics in Valencia Read more »
More than 40 activities in the Employment Forum of the Faculty of Economics Read more »
Health challenges for the next decade debated at the University's Science Park Read more »
New system to monitor heavy-particle cancer therapy in real time Read more »
The IFIC approaches cutting-edge physics to the teaching staff of secondary school Read more »
Molecular materials for storing and transforming energy at ICMol's Sixteenth Scientific Conference Read more »
Scientists of the ICMol improve the properties of magnetic molecular materials with high-pressure techniques Read more »
Gustau Camps-Valls, honoured by the IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society Read more »
Another EU award of four million euros to two University of Valencia scientific projects Read more »
Investors and entrepreneurs to consider the keys to attracting venture capital at the fifth Capital and Science Meeting Read more »
High technology of the UV at the service of the biggest petrol company in the world Read more »
New applicator for radiation therapy that improves the treatment of skin cancer in development Read more »
New device produces 3D images from radiographic images Read more »
A genetic study involving the Cavanilles Institute establishes the source of the syphilis bacterium Read more »
Pérez Alonso collects on Thursday the Plaque of Honour of the Spanish Association of Scientists Read more »
The UV and the INTA delivers to ESA high space technology for the observation of violent phenomena in the atmosphere Read more »
Representatives from 9 European regions head to the Science Park to discover its entrepreneurial ecosystem Read more »
Start-Up 2016 programme for science- and technology-based entrepreneurial initiatives now open for applications Read more »
University presents its Mediterranean aquaculture project in Brussels Read more »
IFIC thesis receives award from the Global Neutrino Network Read more »
Epidisease wins the 5U-CV STARTUP competition and Nothingbutnet takes third prize Read more »
University collaborates in the identification of a possible target for candidiasis treatments Read more »
British astrophysicist and businessperson Janet Jones holds a talk on the commercialization of science Read more »
Two Science Park startups awarded prizes at the Digital Health Venture Forum Read more »
The University participates in the discovery of a possible origin for certain neurocognitive and sensorimotor deficits Read more »
IFIC researchers solve the problem of the dimensions of space-time of the theories that apply to the LHC Read more »